Petition for Service Pack for Windows 7 and Service Pack for Windows 8

Petition for Service Pack for Windows 7 and Service Pack for Windows 8.

What is Service Pack?

Service Packs are packs of updates for specific Windows operating system. Some of them were also adding new functionality to operating system.

Why Microsoft has stopped releasing Service Packs?

Microsoft Company after Windows 8 release decided they will not be releasing Service Packs anymore. Instead users will receive upgraded versions of operating system named with higher number, for example 8.1, 8.2, etc.

Isn’t Windows 8.1 a Service Pack?

Not, it is not. To install Windows 8.1 upgrade from Windows Store  user is forced to download over 1,5GB of updates from Windows Update applet. This takes some time, especially if internet connection is slow.

Is it similar in case of Windows 7?

Windows 7 operating system already recived one Service Pack and there is still a lot of updates to download after SP1 installation.

What do you expect from Microsoft company?

We want Microsoft company to restore releasing Service Packs but only as pack of updates in single installer. We do not expect new features and functionality for operating systems, we want only to ease process of installation of multiple updates.

Is it easier to update operating system by installing Service Pack?

Yes, it is much easier. Instead of downloading few waves of large number of updates it is more comfortable to download single installer applying all currently available patches and security updates. It is saving lots of time.

Did you start any petition, send document or application to bring back releases of Service Packs?

Yes, we did. We started online petition which is available here. Please add your vote to it.